Tips to prepare for the upcoming Fall season!

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The winter season is going to approach soon. With the fall season coming in, the temperatures are also going to drop, and with the snowfall, it’s going to get difficult for food truckers to manage their business and keep customers attracted to them.

Check out these top five tips to be at the top of your business even during the chilly days:

  1. Storage of food: Both water and food can freeze if not kept properly. Temperature regulated storage options can help in this situation and keep the food from getting ruined and wasted.
  2. Snow tires: It is required to replace regular tires with snow tires. This will help give tire the required protection.
  3. Battery check: It’s always better to keep testing the battery in case it runs of out steam.
  4. First Aid Kit: Be it winters or summers, your food truck should always have a first aid kid. It is a must to be prepared rather than being sorry later.
  5. Emergency Box: Flashlight, oil, fire extinguisher, blanket, water, and snacks are the all-time rescue materials, that should be kept aside in a box for emergency purposes, just in case of bad weather.

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